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Honda Vario Low Rider CustomModified

Honda Vario Low Rider CustomModified

Roman armor or armor used by British commanders have inspired Deto Ardiansyah. Honda Vario which dipunyainya victim. Because modifications can be inspired by more powerful competitors, the men from Malang, East Java, is changing skutiknya extreme.

Because the concept modifnya armor, means must be dismantled pairs. "It means, though extreme, the original body is still there," says this young entrepreneur.

If you see every side of a pointed shape, symbolizing the hero weapons. As the front cover, original lamp. The most sensational part, of the back. The model is like a spiral. "I most like the stern of this and be able to invite the attention of people. Something really different," proud father of this child.

Remarkably, many curves, made of fiber. To emphasize the tapering angle and curve, selected one silver color plus black dots.

Not only an impressive body of weapons of war. Contrived Sepatbor tapered front, including a custom rim design with the all-pole spear. Even the size was somewhat daring peleknya, rear and front 8 inches 5 inches. Because the width, axle pushed back to 20 cm.

Uniquely, the rear suspension can be up and down to 5 cm of water because it is equipped with suspension. Recognized Deto, these applications were copied from the car community. To keep the air tube is placed on the deck and filling the air took place as the motor in a well lit due to energy sourced from the battery.

However, to make it able to act skutik still need manual labor. This means, for the wind flow to the rear suspension uses such as a regulator of the tap.

Unfortunately, it is less convenient skutik taken for long walks. Deto not dizzy, because Honda Vario was built for the race.

Modified Honda Blade 110 MotoGp Style 2009

Closing the 2009, Adhi Wicaksono handed Danukusuma modification works as a sort of breakthrough. Selected base modifiers of Lent Automodified Probolinggo, East Java, this is a Honda Blade 2009. "This must be a phenomenal work, so I'm support gone," said Budiono, the owner of the motor dealer who is also skipper Honda in Probolinggo Pigeons 2.

Because Honda Blade, Adhi chose the concept refers to the modification Honda CBR600. Thus, a sports genre that is characteristic thick moved to Blade CBR600. However, he did not trace the total concept and its reference because he argued that this modification the total result of improvisation and pure thoughts.

Siwe-daily penggilan Adhi-no cuap origin. Proof, a scrawny body changing Blade like moge, contain and sturdy. Even harmonization and maintained good detail.

With new clothes, of course the effect on the legs of a lack of balance if still retain original devices-devices. The solution, one set of legs from the Honda NSR-SP installed. Then, pro-arm system that is commensurate diapakai if disanding the bodywork.
Modified Honda Blade 110 MotoGp Style 2009

Dominance of yellow graphic style with motifs made CBR600 Budi besutan look fierce. This was reinforced by the main lamp models from Honda Airblade is suitable. Although not exactly the same shape, at least, this approach miriplah motor. At the top of such mounted lights dark visor.

"This is a variation that is often applied Ninja 250 communities," said Adhi. The back is made thin and long, tapering to the front menyeimbangi that looked like a forward.

In addition to harmonization, the details were awake.

KAWASAKI NINJA 250CC Full Original Body kit

KAWASAKI NINJA 250CC Full Original Body kit
After the start the long expected Kawasaki Ninja waited 250 R in India, Jaipurites on the local start. The day will come after 12 days of the country wide introduction. Our team has the desired information and reached the Bajaj Probiking Showroom in the heart of Jaipur.

The baby Ninja indicated, both in the colors, black and green, in the Showroom. Showroom manager Jagjeet Singh Rathore told us a very interesting thing over Ninja. The two-lamp headlights kawasaki Ninja 250 R becomes with Running Day time lamps (DRL loaded) for security. This is an interesting function, into international bikes.

HONDA VFR1200F Sportbike

HONDA VFR1200F Sportbike
I had blogwalking with new keywords honda, and it turned out I found a new motorcycle HONDA VFR1200F name, I found it on the blog that in the region aimed to india. and in the blog that honda VFR1200F motorcycles will be launched in india, and I'm not sure this bike will be launched in any country. but a clear honda VFR1200F is very sporty and beautiful to you all

New Honda CB Twister 2010

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI), the 100% endemic 2-wheeler accessory of the Honda Motor Company, Japan – the world’s better architect of 2-wheelers, today apparent its attack into the accumulation articulation through the barrage of its aboriginal honda CB twister 110 cc bike CB Bewilderment in the attendance of chief Honda officials.

Living up to the appearance aspirations of Indian bike customers, honda CB twister ewilderment offers style, incomparable performance, acceptable breadth and accessibility at an affordable cost. The new age administration of the bike is aggressive from apple trend CB1000R. The screenless layered avant-garde cowl, clear headlight, amphibian ancillary cowl, able-bodied ammunition tank, aciculate rear with abbreviate tail, multi reflector appendage lamp, abbreviate muffler and bisected alternation case makes the bike appearance figure in the segment.

CB Bewilderment will be the best in chic in agreement of dispatch & aces up. The honda CB twister bewilderment is able with all new 110 cc engine, carrying 9BHP of power. The adamant accompanying aqueduct anatomy & V-shaped admixture auto provides adherence and enhances the maneuverability. Tubeless tyres are the different affection of CB Twister, for the aboriginal time in the segment.

The addition of this bike will actualize a new articulation and aggrandize the 2-wheeler bazaar in India. Powered with 110cc engine, CB Bewilderment will bear a breadth of 70 kms per litre*. The bike is able with aliment chargeless array & adhesive air clarify for added convenience. Strictly adhering to the BS-III norms which will appear into aftereffect from April 2010, CB Bewilderment would be one of the best ambiance affable bike. CB Bewilderment is targeted at the barter who aspire for appearance and achievement forth with basal needs of breadth and abundance in apprenticed budget.

The amount angel for ex exhibit Delhi is Approx Rs. 42,000/- (Kick Drum)

CB Twister, depicts world’s latest trend with incomparable performance. The prefix “CB” has been acquired from Honda’s beautiful world-trend alternation emblematic naked sports and the chat “Twister” depicts bouncing apprehension with abundant strength. Taking the afflatus for Drawing from the iconic CB1000R design.

The CB Bewilderment is activity to hit the Indian anchorage by end of February 2010. The bike will be accessible in three variants;

1. Kick Drum Alloy

2. Self Drum Alloy

3. Self Disc Admixture (with 240 mm avant-garde disc brake)

All variants will be accessible in bristles agitative colors i.e. Pearl Amber Yellow, Candy Sonic Green, Pearl Nightstar Black, Pearl Siena Red and Pearl Fuji Blue.

Excerpts from Company officials:

“Honda has been able to accomplish the cogent milestones because of its focus on developing articles that accommodated the expectations and aspirations of the customers. Honda has connected to acquaint avant-garde models with avant-garde technology and adorable appearance that are additionally ambiance friendly” – Mr. Masahiro Takedagawa, Operating Officer, Southwest Asia Honda Motor Co. and President & CEO, Honda Siel Car India & Honda Motor India

“We will abide to accommodate agitative articles & advance the amplification in anniversary two wheeler segment. The CB Bewilderment meets the new age customers’ appeal distinctively “value for money”. The bike is a absolute aggregate of new age appearance and incomparable achievement with economy. With the latest acid bend technology, the bike is apprenticed to aggrandize the 100-110cc articulation further.” – Mr. Shinji Aoyama, President & CEO, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt Ltd.

“The CB Bewilderment will be accessible to barter by end of February 2010. With never apparent afore in the articulation new age style, incomparable performance, abridgement of 70 Kms / Ltr*, we apprehend to advertise 2.20 lac units in the year 2010 -11” – explained during the new artefact presentation by Mr. N.K.Rattan, Operating Head, Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd

Modified Honda Tiger Revo Street Fighter

Modified Honda Tiger Revo Street Fighter

Modification honda tiger street fighter is still much to like. with a lot of money that they can modify their motorcycles tiger, a street fighter honda tiger with their own style. plenty of people who like the streetfighter style on their motorbike.
not only are the harley davidson has streetfioghter style but also have a honda tiger street fighter style. can see photos and images from honda tiger modifications that have been in street fighter.
Modified Honda Tiger Revo Street Fighter

2010 - Triumph Thruxton SE debuts Cafe Racer Motorcycles

2010 - Triumph Thruxton SE debuts Cafe Racer Motorcycles
Triumph Motorcycles introduces the special cafe racer edition coming Thruxton sports pioneer cycling

Triumph has launched a special edition of the racing-style café that offers Thruxton even sportier look to the classic British design.

2010 - Triumph Thruxton SE debuts Cafe Racer Motorcycles
2010 SE Thruxton amazing features powder-coated red frame and Crystal White bodywork with a red line, color-matched fly screen and the engine case collapsed. New Crystal White metallic paint containing a high content of paint that produces a luxurious, and create a striking contrast with the red frame.
The Triumph Thruxton modern design features and performance combined with a distinctive retro design. Fuel injection 865cc parallel twin is the most powerful of Triumph's "Modern Classics" range, delivering 68 horsepower at 7400 rpm and peak torque of 51 ft / lbs at 5800 rpm. Machine shares the same 360-degree firing interval as the Bonneville, but also features hot camshaft profile, compression ratio of 9.2:1 and megaphone style exhaust pipes.
Sporty, low-rise bar, 18-inch spoked wheels, megaphone-style exhaust pipe, and race-inspired lines from the tank to the tail evoke memories of the Ace Café and racing in the streets.
Thruxton SE will be available at authorized Triumph dealers across North America in the spring of 2010. Price still to be determined, but the SE model will come at a small premium over the standard Thruxton.

Ducati Motorsport Silver and Artist

Ducati Motorsport Silver and Artist. Ducati Wallpaper, Ducati Posters, Ducati Pictures

2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Action2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Action

2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Wallpaper2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Wallpaper

2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Green2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Green

2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Black Series 2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Black Series

2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Picture2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Picture

2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Test Road2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Test Road

Motorcycles 2008 Suzuki GSX650F Sport Blue Edition Bodykit

Motorcycles 2008 Suzuki GSX650F Sport Blue Edition BodykitMotorcycles 2008 Suzuki GSX650F Sport Blue Edition Bodykit

2010 Buell Ulysses XB12X

2010 Buell Ulysses XB12X Action2010 Buell Ulysses XB12X Action

2010 Buell Ulysses XB12X Picture2010 Buell Ulysses XB12X Picture

2010 Buell Ulysses XB12X Sport Touring2010 Buell Ulysses XB12X Sport Touring

2010 Buell Ulysses XB12X Test Ride2010 Buell Ulysses XB12X Test Ride

Yamaha V-ixion Street Fighter modification pictures

Yamaha V-ixion Sport Fighter modification

Yamaha V-ixion Street Fighter modification Picture

Yamaha V-ixion Sport Fighter modification
Modifikasi Yamaha V-ixion Street Fighter Picture

Yamaha V-ixion Street Fighter modification pictures

Yamaha V-ixion Sport Fighter modification

Yamaha V-ixion Street Fighter modification Picture

Yamaha V-ixion Sport Fighter modification
Modifikasi Yamaha V-ixion Street Fighter Picture

2009 - Yamaha MT-01 Sport Touring Motorcycles

2009 - Yamaha MT-01 Sport Touring Motorcycles

2009 - Yamaha MT-01 Sport Touring Motorcycles Performance

2009 - Yamaha MT-01 Sport Touring Motorcycles Wallpaper

Motorsport Ducati 998s

Motorsport Ducati 998s. Ducati 998s Wallpaper, Ducati 998s Posters, Ducati 998s Pictures

Norton Commando 952 Modification

Norton Commando 952 Modification.............

Norton Commando Classic

Norton Commando Classic..............

Honda Best Motorcycle 2010

Honda Best Motorcycle 2010............

Harley Davidson Skull Symbol

Harley Davidson Skull Symbol...........

Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Picture

Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Picture...............

Motorcycles 2008 Suzuki GSX650F Sport Black Edition Bodykit

Motorcycles 2008 Suzuki GSX650F Sport Black Edition BodykitMotorcycles 2008 Suzuki GSX650F Sport Black Edition Bodykit

YAMAHA MIO Sporty Modification Low Rider the blues

Modification Yamaha Mio Sporty  Low Rider

Gambar Modifikasi Mio Sporty Low rider

Modification Yamaha Mio Sporty  Low RiderYamaha Mio Sporty Modification