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2010 Kawasaki Z1000 by Roaring Toyz 'Review | Specification

Kawasaki Z1000
2010 Kawasaki Z1000 by Roaring Toyz 'Review:

The Kawasaki Z1000 2010 has been one of the best Japanese nakeds around, but new ways to make better riders always found either by individuals or with the tuner. This place has a habit to develop an upgrade kit that govern the whole bike a mile away from its original state a new product that just came out the factory gates.

Roaring Toyz Take 2010 for example the case of the Kawasaki Z1000. This bike is given a set of Performance Machine wheels (front 17-inch, 18-inch rear), 240 rear tire, a suspension that is built and strengthened Brocks 4-2-1 exhaust, just to mention some of the most impressive new features.

Gold / silver paintjob does not help at setting a standard bike apart from the brothers, but what we like most about this project is the fact that it seems that the only way to do it in the first place Kawi. This is really one of those bikes that people see and ask "what shares and what is bad about it?

2010 Kawasaki Z1000 specifications by Roaring Toyz:
  • 0Roaring Toyz Custom 240 Wide Tire Suspension Stock Length w / Institute of Stealth
  • Performance Machine Judge Wheels 17x3.5 "Front 18x8.5" Rear
  • Custom Chrome Black / Chrome Finish Contrast on wheels that were applied by Sport Chrome Plating
  • Performance Brocks Alien Head Exhaust System Custom 4-2-1
  • Euro Components Clutch perch And Hand Control Lever, Front Brake Master, Reservoir and Lever
  • Euro Components Custom Mirrors
  • Roaring Toyz Chrome Plated Radial Mount Front Brake calipers
  • Roaring Toyz Radial rear brake rotor Custom Mount Kit, Billet
  • Radial Mount Hanger and Chrome R / T Radial Caliper
  • Roaring Toyz Chrome Billet Rear Brake Master Cylinder
  • Custom Hustler Roaring Toyz Billet anodized Black / Rubber grips
  • Chrome Roaring Toyz Arrow Point Bar Ends
  • Roaring Toyz Billet Fully Adjustable Lowering Link
  • Roaring Toyz Contrast Cut Black anodized Billet Kickstand
  • Roaring Toyz Stainless Steel Brake Lines Custom braided Translucent Yellow w / Stainless Ended
  • Roaring Toyz Billet Fuel Cap Black anodized Quick Release
  • Black anodized Vortex Rear Sets
  • Vortex 5 Contrast Cut Black Cat rear sprocket
  • Pirelli Diablo 240 Rear Tire & 120/70/17 Tires Front XXL
  • Lawstcaws Black Frame Plug